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Julian Moradian

My Story

Hi, my name is Julian M., and like many of us with bad teeth, I was frustrated and confused when I set out to improve my appearance by changing my smile. For some time I had been missing several of my front, upper and a few of my back lower teeth.

My “bad teeth” look was an embarrassment that was holding me back. And the unavailability of finding an affordable solution was a frustration that was causing me great stress. I spent an entire year researching my options for improving my smile, and ultimately improving my image and self-confidence.

In the end I discovered these two options:

  1. I could go with a temporary solution and get some flexible, removable veneers, which were very costly and took about 3 weeks from start to finish (about $1500 per arch).
  2. My second choice was a more permanent solution which involved painful invasive implant surgery at an astronomical cost (30K), which was out of the question.

And then, when I was just about to give up, I realized that newly enabled tele-dentistry technology could be merged with “lab direct” procedures to create the affordable solution that I was seeking. Tele-dentistry brings the dentist to me without the arbitrary inflated fees of a dental office visit.

The “Smile Again” solution recognizes that you, the consumer, do not need to pay these exorbitant fees to a dentist for products such as removable dental veneers, which are produced in our dental lab to the exact fit that your impressions dictate, using the exact same procedures as required by State Law and State Professional Standards. However, because these devices are for cosmetic purposes only, there is no need for anything more than a tele-dentist’s involvement. “Lab Direct” means that you have the clear choice to “Smile Again” at a fraction of the cost that other transformative procedures cost.

Please join our family by becoming a client. You will be amazed how much our state of the art dental veneers will help boost your confidence and give you a reason to SMILE AGAIN; we guarantee it.

And remember: The only smile that’s in style is your smile! That is our motto; that is our guarantee. You’ll know it and you’ll want to show it… your unique, one of a kind smile for all the world to see!

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