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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I eat while wearing my veneers?

Everyone is different, and some people can eat and some people cannot, depending upon their unique physiology. However, vigorous chewing of a tough steak or crunching hard candy, etc. are never good ideas in any event. We prefer to err on the side of caution, and for this reason, we suggest that if you have the slightest doubt, in terms of discomfort, you should exercise caution.

Although anyone can wear their Veneers for hours on end, not everyone can comfortably eat or chew forcefully. If you find yourself in a dining social situation that you must attend, let common sense prevail and confine your participation to soup and other easy foods that require little to no chewing. “Not hungry, not feeling well, on a special diet”, etc. are just a few handy and perfectly acceptable excuses.

What shades do my Veneer come in?

We will use the shade you chose on our color chart or the current shade of your teeth as shown in the pictures you sent us. Matching the shade of the veneers to your teeth gives you the confidence that no one will be able to detect the difference.

Why are there no refunds or cancellations once the order is processed?

As soon as your impressions are received by our lab, we begin working on your case. Our first step is to review the impressions that you made to determine if we can use them to create your appliance. Impressions fall into 3 categories.

1. Impressions that reveal medical issues which require correction by your local dentist, and which disqualify the applicant as a candidate for our products. In this case, we refund the customer’s payment, less shipping and handling.

2. Impressions which were not made properly or carefully enough, and we cannot create an accurate appliance because of customer error. We will send our customer another kit and set up a customer service call to help the customer make and resubmit a second (and hopefully) successful impression. If this second attempt is unsuccessful, we will call customer and discuss whether it is best to refund payment (less shipping and handling) or to try one more time.

3. A good impression is accepted by us and we proceed to create your finished product.

Once we determine that your impression has been made to an acceptable standard, with which we can work, we begin creating your final product. This process requires that we invest a substantial amount of time, energy and materials in our effort to complete your order as quickly as possible. These are costs that we cannot recoup. Accordingly, once we have committed our resources on your behalf, we cannot issue Cancellations and/or Refunds. However, in those rare instances where a customer feels discomfort or less than comfortable it, we will work with customer to make the necessary adjustments.

What holds the veneer in place? What prevents it from falling off?

The primary reason that your veneer stays in place is that the curvature of your upper teeth narrows at the top, and the nature of the composition of your veneer adheres to the tooth preventing it from sliding down over the thicker, lower portion.