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How Our Process Allows You to Do Everything From Home

We are the only company that offers you an easy way to get a perfect smile, without needing to see a dentist - saving you literally thousands of dollars.

You can get your new smile in just days from now by following our easy 4 step process all from your home or office.

To learn more start with Step#1 just below:

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    Begin by Clicking on “Products” and choose the solution which best suits your needs.
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    Access our free state of the art Tele-Dentistry App by clicking here or anywhere you see the live agent on the lower right of each page. Using the app, you will take 7 pre-formatted photos of your upper and lower arches.
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    After completing steps one and two you will receive a self-impression kit at your home or office. Following the simple enclosed instructions make impressions of your upper and lower arches.
  • Send Mail
    Use the enclosed pre–stamped, pre–addressed envelope to mail your impressions to our lab. And that's it! Your job is done. All you have to do now is wait for your custom dental appliance to arrive.

In about 15 days from the time your dental impressions are received at our lab, you will receive your custom made dental appliance, such as dental veneers or a night guard!

Your package will include instructions for first time use, care, and maintenance to ensure longevity and a brilliant color.

Once you send your dental impressions, you can keep track of the status of your order in real time inside your account!

Get My New Smile

How Our Solution Compares To Other Dental Solutions

  • A Fraction of the Cost

    While other dental solutions, such as veneers, dentures and retainers, can cost $5,000 - $10,000, we cost less than $500 or 70% less than your dentist, with easy payment plans and a money back guarantee.

  • Extremely Convenient

    Do everything from the comfort of your home or office! You don't even have to visit a dentist thanks to our revolutionary Tele-Dentistry App, self-impression kit, and E-scribe technologies.

  • Lightning Fast

    You can have a beautiful new smile within just 15 days, instead of waiting months with other solutions.

  • Amazing Results

    People are loving their new smiles! In no time you’ll be smiling again with straight and brighter teeth.