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The Four Step Process

  • Step One (Make Your Purchase)

    Use Your Debit /Credit Card or E-Check to Purchase your Veneers from the Products Section of this site. Or Just Click Order Button Below.

    Place Your Order

  • Step Two (Upload Photos)

    Next, Following Step One Upload Photos Of Your Current Smile. Visit Our Page Titled “Is This For Me?” or Click Here. When There Follow the Simple Instructions & Upload The Indicated Pictures. These Pictures Are Used During The Manufacturing Process & Are An Essential Part Of The Process.

    Upload Your Photo

  • Step Three (Impressions)

    Once You Have Completed Steps 1 & 2 In About Five Days You Will Receive Your In Home Impression Kit. Upon Receiving Your Kit Please Contact Our Customer Support Center At (888) 734-5342 To Make An Appointment. You Will Be Assisted Every Step Of The Way During the Making Of Your Impressions By A Rep Using Our Real Time Video Chat App. Make An Impression Of Your Upper & Lower Arches. Please Note, Everyone Must Mail In Impressions Of Their Upper & Lower Arches (Both). Even If You Are Only Purchasing One Arch.

    Video Tutorial

  • Step Four (Mail In Your Impressions)

    Using The Enclosed Pre-Paid / Pre-Addressed Shipping Envelop Mail In The Following Items:

    • ✓ Completed & Signed Registration Card
    • ✓ Color Chart (indicate your desired tint)
    • ✓ Bite Registration
    • ✓ Your Impressions

    Your Almost Done. Seal the Envelop & Fasten The Included Shipping Label To the Envelop. Next Contact USPS to Schedule a Convenient Time To Have Your Package Picked Up. And That’s It You Are Now Done. Your Veneers Will Be Arriving In About 15 Days From The Date It Arrives At Our Lab.