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Our lab is committed to excellence and to delivering the finest care and solutions for every dental problem imaginable.

Regarding our removable, cosmetic veneers, members of the team were among the developers of the very first such veneers over 15 years ago.

Not surprisingly, every one of their products, including your veneers, are designed for minimally invasive dental procedures combined with superior efficacy.
It is this design philosophy that has resulted in their veneers being the gold standard by which all other veneers are measured year after year.

They are leaders in the industry because they continuously invest in scientific research, training, customer service, quality control, and the most recent technologies.

Their processes to create your dental veneers involve the best practices and latest technology, from the time of reception until the final delivery. During the manufacturing process, their technicians pay attention to the smallest details, from checking the dental impression before starting the manufacturing process, to controlling the room temperature in order to avoid micro-fractures.

You will be receiving the “veneer of the future” today!

Our lab’s years of experience are your assurance that your veneer is going to fit you comfortably with a natural looking smile that will surely have you smiling again with the confidence you have been missing all these years.